Giancarlo Galtieri


and Crossover Classical Singer

Giancarlo Galtieri is a native of Bari, Italy.  In 1978 he began his studies in Flute at the Conservatory N. Piccinni in Bari.  In the year 1980, an intense research developed in the field of popular Latin-American music with the collaborative efforts of folklorists of high standing such as Sergio Ortega, Charo Cofre', Hugo Arevalo, Marta Contreras, the Chilean folk ensemble The Inti-Illimani and a number of others.  He had the opportunity to learn a technique of using numerous local instruments of the Spanish-American culture.  With the tenor M˚ Luigi Lorusso Toma in 1985, he initiated singing studies of the tenor register, under his guidance.  In the same year he joined the Italian Society of Authors and Editors ( S.I.A.E), where many of his works are registered.  Giancarlo began a professional singing career for the Arena Foundation of Verona in 1990. 
He creates compositions for any instrument or vocal formation, on request.  As a composer he's had the honor of presenting some of his own classical compositions.  The genre is recognized as tonal music inspired by the Italian traditions, with influences of the opera repertoire "tardo romantico" and "verista".  As an opera and a crossover singer, he has a first hand knowledge of the physiological capabilities and the physical limitations of the singers.  His compositions are written specifically for singers, with these elements in mind. 
As Crossover singer Giancarlo Galtieri, with his vibrant tenor presence, enchants audiences by singing Italian and Neapolitan Traditional songs and ones of Latin American classic tradition.  His singing is accompanied by himself as he is a multi-instrumental player. 

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